Ham-Southern Smkhse
Summer Sausage

Southern Smokehouse Ham

Sliced Jowl

A unique specialty that's a rarity in todays meat case. Jowl is country cured using the same cure mixture as our Original Style Country bacon (salt, brown sugar, and black pepper). Rindless chunks are sliced approx. 1/8" thick for easy serving.

Southern Smokehouse Ham

This is our Southern Smokehouse or blue label ham and our most popular country ham. It's so mouth watering that one bite demands another. And according to many who have had it, it is the finest eating there is. It has been cured with a dry mixture of salt, brown sugar, and black pepper and aged four to six months. Following the aging process we smoke each ham to a golden brown color with genuine hickory. This ham is slightly milder than the Ozark Ham. Ham is shelf stable as is and requires no refrigeration. Once cooked or sliced, ham should be refrigerated.

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