Ham-Southern Smkhse
Summer Sausage

Southern Smokehouse Ham

Sliced Jowl

A unique specialty that's a rarity in todays meat case. Jowl is country cured using the same cure mixture as our Original Style Country bacon (salt, brown sugar, and black pepper). Rindless chunks are sliced approx. 1/8" thick for easy serving.

Ozark Ham

This is our Ozark Ham that has been aged a "Country Year". For the true country ham lover there is no substitute. It has been cured with a dry mixture of salt, brown sugar, and black pepper and aged 9-12 months in our special 4 story aging room (the nation's largest). Hams are allowed to age under all natural and ambient air conditions. A truly unique American style ham that has a robust flavor that can only be achieved through natural aging. Hams can be baked, sliced and fried, or sliced paper thin and served similar to proscuitto. This ham is shelf stable until it it is cooked or sliced, then it needs to be refrigerated.

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